Our Story

The Wine Trap Was Born Out Of A Love For Lobstering And Drinking

No good story ever started with "I had a glass of orange juice" and this one is no different. We are a crafty family with deep roots in fishing that go back to the early 1900s. We love to build and create together. After a few cocktails one evening, we tried to figure out a way to share our passion for the ocean with the world. After several hours of crimping and bending The Wine Trap was born. 

Each trap is handmade by our family and friends using authentic lobster trap materials in a fashion similar to the traps we use for fishing.

Although it can be used to gift wine and other spirits, there are so many other uses for The Wine Trap. It can hold LED candles, potpourri, candy etc. Hopefully you will find some new ones as well. 

There is no better feeling than sharing, so we hope you enjoy and share The Wine Trap with your friends and family.

From our family to yours!!!! Enjoy!!