Jean Cousins is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in southern Maine. She has a passion for photography and anything that gives her a reason to be near the ocean. One of her favorites place to wander with her camera is around the docks, capturing images of the boats and folks who make their living from the sea. To view more of her photography, please visit her instagram page @jdcousins 

Laurie France is a recent convert back into the world of photography after a long hiatus.  As a teenager, she enjoyed taking photos and even received a B.S. in Television Production before losing her way in the jungle which she calls Corporate America.  Laurie has an eclectic style but especially loves shooting outdoors and being in tune with nature.  She hails from the coastal town of Marshfield Massachusetts and appreciates the beauty her home state provides.  If you are interested in seeing other photos from Laurie please visit her at or



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